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Phonak – Lumity

Phonak have identified what patients expect from a hearing aid. Ultimately, they want great sound quality, multifunctionality and the ability to control and personalize their hearing aid in any situation.

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Phonak Lumity
Hearing Aids

Phonak Audéo Lumity delivers on these expectations to provide hearing aid wearers with an unrivaled hearing experience.

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ActiveVent Receiver  Technology


The world’s first intelligent hearing aid speaker, designed for challenging listening environments or for moments of focus.


ActiveVent Receiver is an innovative technology by Phonak. Featuring a mechanically switching vent, it provides naturaleness of your own voice whilst optimizing your hearing preformance.


Sound Processing Chip – PRISM

PRISM (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management) chip features double the memory and more connectivity possibilities with low power consumption.

Motion Sensor

Ultra-low power motion tri-axial accelerometer supports new ease-of-use and hearing performance features. The sensor has an industry-leading balance of high performance and low power consumption.

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Personalised Noise Cancellation


Phonaks technology allows you to filter out only the sounds you want to hear. Allowing for simpler and clarity in your hearing.

Bluetooth Connectivity


Support up to 8 Bluetooth devices to be paired (IOS / Android) and control your features: Accept/End phone calls, Pause/resume streaming and access voice assistant apps. You can now switch effortlessly between two active devices for a seamless listening experience.

Tap Control

Phonak Paradise is more than just a hearing aid, you can answer phone calls, stream or pause music and activate voice assistants just by tapping your ear. The built-in microphone also allows you a true hands-free call experience and use voice assistants like Siri, without having to reach for your Smartphone or remove your hearing aid.

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Phonak Mobile Application (4.0)

Phonak 4.0 App

The mobile app allows you to adapt your hearing preference over the lifetime of your hearing aids. Data driven so that your hearing aids are always at optimum performance.

Rated Excellent 4.9 / 5

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