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Starkey – Livio

Starkey have reinvented the hearing aid with Livio AI, the world’s first Healthable hearing aid with artificial intelligence and embedded sensors.

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Starkey - Livio AI Hearing Aids

Livio AI addresses the deep connection between hearing health and overall health, empowering you with life-changing features and sound quality that, until now, was never possible in a hearing aid.

Turbo Charging Technology

Custom and Standard Chargers provide up to 24 hours of power in a single charge.

Turbo Speed charging utilises 7 Minutes of charging time with approximately 3.5 Hours of everyday use.


Edge Mode

Just a double tap of the hearing aids delivers game-changing sound in the most challenging listening environments. Edge Mode can also help improve speech audibility when listening to a speaker wearing a face mask.


This first-of-its-kind speech enhancement feature uses AI to provide an unprecedented experience for those with moderate loss of 50 dB HL or greater.

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Latest Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Harnessing the game changing capabilities of the most advanced AI engine possible in modern hearing aids, Hearing Reality Pro powers listening experiences with the most sophisticated set of tools possible.

Patients are able to enjoy the refined noise management of Hearing Reality, plus the breakthrough enhancements that are only available through on-board, edge AI.

Find my phone

Starkey hearing aids (Using Thrive Assistant) can now locate their lost or misplaced phone by having it ring. No other hearing aid offers this capability.

Mask mode

This custom memory in the Thrive app boosts the frequency response in certain channels to help patients better hear people who are wearing face masks.


Body and Brain tracking

Sensors are integrated into the hearing aids so patients can track their activity and social engagement via the Thrive app.

Fall alert

With integrated sensors, Fall Alert can detect falls and send alert messages to selected contacts.


Personalised or on-screen reminders for daily tasks such as taking medications.

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Starkey ThriveCare App


The world’s first and only hearing app for caregivers, Thrive Care provides peace of mind by letting Livio Edge AI patients share certain Thrive app information with whomever they choose.

New set-up screens and connectivity enhancements make the Thrive Hearing Control app easier to use and more robust than ever.

Rated Excellent 4.9 / 5

Need advice?

Get advice from our dedicated team who can assist with all your questions!

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Visit an Earful Clinic for help with Starkey hearing aids

Want to know more about our Starkey hearing aids? Give us a call or drop in to your local Earful Clinic for free advice.

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